An Introduction To My Journal

An introduction page is a little exercise I like to do at the beginning of my journals as a way to get my thoughts flowing and break through the seemingly inevitable writers block that comes from opening a new journal to a blank page.

The intro page is a simple way to set my intention for this new journal, and to know that if I pick it up five years from now, I can easily see exactly where and who I was when I began it. (I don't know why, but I find that very comforting.) Below is the first page, in its entirety, of my most recent journal -- if you're feeling stuck, I hope it will inspire you to get started.

In a way, this entry page is a fitting start to this blog, too. As I sit down to fill these digital blank pages, and turn them into something -- I hope -- so much more.

I didn’t expect to find myself looking back on two years of gratitude journaling when I started. Four books. Almost 500 entries. So many pages, photographs, memories. When I started, I had never kept a journal for more than a few months, and never, ever wanted to look back on anything I wrote. My teenage years were scattered with pretty notebooks, mostly blank, the first few pages a hasty blur of thoughts. But gratitude journaling was different.

On August 4th 2015, I challenged myself to write about something I was grateful for every day for 30 days. When those thirty days ended, my gratitude did not. I hadn’t spent it in those pages, I had accumulated it. So I continued, on and on and on. I stopped worrying about doing it every day, but I still did it most days anyway. Gratitude journaling changed my outlook on life dramatically, helping me to always look for the positive side of any situation. But it’s more than that now, too... it’s become a record, a physical, tangible account of so many joys, so much happiness, such love.

Mark likes to remind me that these journals are our most prized possessions, because in a way, they hold our hearts in their pages. Like pressed flowers, the delicate remains of bright, vivid blooms.

You can’t really preserve a life that way, I know. But it’s beautiful to try. I’m grateful to the me of two years ago, who on a whim started it all. And I’m excited to dive into these blank pages and turn them into something so much more. 


I share this entry page as an example, and also, as an inspiration to anyone needing an extra push to start. If you're wanting to start a gratitude journal -- or any kind of journal, for that matter -- and haven't yet, let me know in the comments below. What's stopping you? What about it is holding you back? I'd love to hear.