National Gratitude Month 2018

Fall is a time for reflection, as the weather turns cold and the trees let go of their leaves. It’s a natural time to slow down, spend more time with family, and appreciate the little things like hot, steaming mugs of coffee on crisply scented mornings.

Fittingly, November has been officially dubbed National Gratitude Month. We all know to be thankful on Thanksgiving, but I am a firm believer that giving thanks for what we have deserves more than a single day.

During the month of November I like to write one thing every day that I am grateful for, and I want you to join me!

Writing just one thing each day may seem insignificant, but it’s exactly how I began gratitude journaling back in 2015, and after just 30 days it had made a tangible impact on my mood, and my life.

30 Days Of Gratitude:

For the next 30 days, write one thing you are thankful for in your life. It can be a few short words, or a whole long paragraph. You can write it in a padlocked diary, or share it on the internet for the whole world to see (#NationalGratitudeMonth2018 if you want to be official about it). There’s no wrong way to practice gratitude, so find what feels right for you — something you can stick to every day — and get started!

(And if you find yourself getting stumped, be sure to check out my Gratitude Prompts to give you a place to start.)

And for more inspiration, you can follow me on facebook where I’ll be sharing my own daily gratitudes each day. See you there!

Happy National Gratitude Month,


I’d love to know…

What is one thing that gets in the way of you having a regular gratitude practice?

And of course… what are you grateful for today?

Let me know in the comments below!