Gratitude Prompt #3 - To The People Who Raised Us

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This week's prompt is all about thanking the people who raised us. We all have things we wish our parents had done differently -- maybe we even have some long-held resentments or hurts. But in almost every case, we can look back and see that our parents are, at their core, people who love us and strived to do their best for us. By remembering that they are their own people, with their own struggles and flaws, we can recognize the good they gave us and the tremendous care they put into making us who we are.


Write about one thing your parents did in raising you that you are thankful for.

Something that helped make you who you are, shaped your values, or gave you support. Even if your parents made a lot of mistakes -- especially if they did -- focus on something they did well that you are grateful for. Bonus points if you write them a letter, give them a call, or have a conversation to let thank them for all they did in raising you!


My parents did many things I am grateful for, but biggest thing that stands out in my mind is that they believed in me. From an early age they gave me the freedom to make my own decisions, to be brave, and to learn from my own mistakes. They supported my independence in a way none of my friends parent's did, and while I watched them rebel against their parents as teenagers, I knew I was lucky to never feel the need. There was nothing to rebel against, because they were my allies. This trust allowed me many fun times as a kid, but more importantly it helped me learn to be self-motivated, self-sufficient, and to trust myself -- things which have served me well as an adult. I can't imagine it any other way. Thank you, mom and dad.

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