Gratitude Prompt #6 - Modern Technology

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If you are reading this article, you're probably sitting at a computer, scrolling on your phone, or looking at a tablet. You're connected to the internet, just a few clicks and taps away from anything you might want to know, just a swipe away from your best friend's voice or a text from your professor.

Technology can enable your education, secure your home, allow you to connect across continents with people you love, save your life in an emergency, or just transport you safely where you need to go each day. And that is exactly what this week's prompt is all about -- appreciating all the ways we (usually) take technology for granted.


Write about five ways in which modern technology has made your life better.

How has living in our modern technological age made your life easier, better, or more full? Write at least five ways technology has made a positive impact on your life.


1. I've met some of my closest friends through the internet, and been able to connect on a personal level with some of the people who most inspire me thanks to social media and the power of instant communication.

2. Modern technology has allowed me to teach myself things I would otherwise never have explored, from photography and watercolor, to learning a new language or finding pleasure in subjects like history that I never really enjoyed before.

3. Electricity provides so many luxuries, but I take it for granted most of the time. Hot winter, cold fridge, clean clothes with the push of a button... electricity does so many jobs that I don't have to!

4. Being able to call or text anyone, anytime, from anywhere. I'm a big fan of writing real, physical letters when I can, but if it weren't for the light-speed communication modern technology enables, I'm certain my relationships wouldn't be as deep, or as far spread.

5. Travel. If you really stop and think about it, it's kind of mind boggling that we can climb into a metal box, and a few hours later get out in a totally different place. Whether it's driving or flying, a different city or a different country... the world is our backyard with the help of modern transportation. Without it, I might never have seen the pacific ocean, or the Canadian rockies!

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