Gratitude Prompt #5 - Thank Your Body

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When it comes to our bodies, we tend to be especially critical. We take for granted that they should do what we want, when we want... and when they fall sick, get injured, or just don't work as expected (or like everyone else's), we can be ruthlessly harsh on ourselves. Not to mention how our bodies look, and the shame and disappointment we can carry around our self-image.

But if you stop and think about it, our bodies are pretty amazing things. Every second of every day, there are a million processes keeping you alive. Converting the air we breathe into life we live, and giving us the ability to see, to think, to move. Not everyone's bodies have the same capabilities, but we all have some.


Write a letter of gratitude to your body for being alive, healthy, and able in all the ways it is.

You don't have to be a flexible athlete in their prime to appreciate what your body can do for you. If you're reading this, you have eyes to see. You can likely move, and stretch, and experience the many pleasures of touch and taste and sound. And even if you are fighting off an illness or disease, your body is working hard and doing it's best every moment of every day -- even while you are sleeping -- to heal you. Write a letter of thanks for all the things your body does.


Dear Body,

I know I've been hard on you for the past twenty years or so... putting you on a strict regimen of laziness and bad eating interspersed with periodic bouts of exercise and crying that you don't look or feel the way I want you to. I haven't been good to you. I'm sorry.

The truth is, you do so much for me every single day. Thank you for taking the food I give you and turning it into energy, and for not being allergic to any of the things I love. Thank you for always stepping up to every challenge I give you, and often surprising me with just how strong you can be. Thank you for healing every wound and curing every illness I've ever had (knock on wood).

Thank you for allowing me to see, touch, taste, and hear the world around me. Music is a pleasure I have because of you... same with back rubs and chocolate cake and opening the windows in spring when the lilacs are in bloom. Thank you for allowing me to ride my bike to work, to travel and experience new places, to play with Neko, and to do yoga (when I remember to). None of this would be possible without the health and wellness you provide.

Thank you for taking such good care of me.

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