Gratitude Prompt #11 - The Day We Met

When I was eleven, I met my best friend in the waiting room of a chiropractors office. I was awkward and shy, keeping my head down in a box of Magic Cards when he walked over, said that he liked Magic Cards too, and gave me his number.

I often think about the strange circumstances that led to that meeting. All the little things that needed to line up just right in order for it to happen, not to mention the courage it took for an eleven year old to introduce himself to another eleven year old.

And that chance encounter led to another friend, who led me to someone else, who eventually introduced me to the person — who is now, sitting across from me as I write this — my husband.

Whether you chalk it up to fate, or call it God’s plan, or just complete random happenstance… I’m pretty grateful for some of the people I’ve met and how they’ve helped shape my life. Every moment contains this web of possibilities, a million different ways our lives could go… and who I am today is such a delicate thing, with so many people helping me to get here.


Write about a close friend and the first time you met them.

You can write about the serendipity around that first meeting, or how that stranger turned into someone you can’t imagine life without. Maybe you focus on the details of the scene, what they said to you, or your first impression of them. How has knowing this person has shaped your life? In what ways you are grateful for knowing them?


That friend I wrote about above, he and I eventually grew apart and went our separate ways. But knowing him was like the domino that started me down the path I’m on now. It’s hard to imagine how things could be different — in fact, it’s impossible. Instead I want to write about a new friend, who has yet to shape my world so drastically but almost surely will. Gabriela started as a co-worker, and my first impression was that we could never be friends. She was determined, smart, dressed to kill, and seemed to have the whole world in the palm of her perfectly manicured hand. She was an unmistakable badass, and I couldn’t imagine us being pals. That is, until we were working late together and she cracked a joke so inappropriate, I almost fell out of my chair laughing. It was total chance that we’d both been stuck with the late shift, but those evenings soon became our favorite because it meant we were together. Now I’m so grateful to have a friend who is all of those things I first admired — determined, smart, badass — and can keep me up all night with text messages that make me laugh till my cheeks hurt. If you’re reading this, Gab, that time we sat in the car together? I almost peed myself laughing. Thanks for that, and so much more.

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