Gratitude Prompt #12 - Four-legged Friends

If you’ve ever owned a pet, you probably already know how deep that bond can be. How these four-legged beings can walk into your life, and into your heart, just like people do. Perhaps even more easily than people do, because we know if we love them, they will love us right back. They aren’t afflicted with the baggage most of us people lug around with us… They are like children, open hearted, innocent, and full of personality.


Write about a pet who has a special place in your heart.

Whether it’s the dog napping at your side, the cat on your lap, or simply a memory of the bond you had with a pet as a child, write in as much detail as you can about the connection you have with them.


Neko is the first dog I’ve had as a full-on adult. He wasn’t my parent’s dog, or my husband’s dog when we met… he’s our dog, and adopting him together was a big milestone in our relationship. I’ll never forget the goofy grin on my husband’s face as puppy Neko slept in his lap the whole ride home… or how he bounced around our back yard like he had springs in his legs. (Neko, not my husband.) He’s about six now, and all that puppy energy has mellowed away. He is a calm, gentle giant with wise amber eyes. He’s so quiet you might forget how smart he is, but then out of the blue he’ll surprise you by understanding exactly what you are saying. He doesn’t cuddle often (preferring to sprawl out on the couch with his legs up in the air) except in the mornings when he wants nothing more than to snuggle close to his favorite person in the whole world. He plops himself down practically on top of my husband’s head, and I’ve never seen him happier. When I was younger I recall feeling like the family pets were companions and friends… now, as an adult with two dogs to care for, they feel more like adopted children. Precious lives we care for, who care for us in return. Neko, you have brought so much joy into our lives. I remember once when you were still a pup, sticking your head out the window of the car, how you’d make all the other drivers turn and smile. I said aloud, “it’s like your super power to make everyone who sees you happy.” And to this day, I think that’s a pretty great super power to have. Thank you for making us happy, and for being such a kind, loyal, loving part of our lives.

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