is a series of journaling prompts with a focus on gratitude. You can follow along on social media with the hashtag #thegratutdeprompts, or here on the blog where I post every other week, and share my personal response to each prompt.

Below you will find a list of each prompt in the series. Click the link to go straight to the blog post for a more detailed description of the prompt, or to see what I wrote.


Gratitude Prompt # 1 - List 3 Things That Went Well Today

Gratitude Prompt # 2 - Someone Who Was There For You

Gratitude Prompt # 3 - To The People Who Raised Us

Gratitude Prompt # 4 - Flip Your Script

Gratitude Prompt # 5 - Thank Your Body

Gratitude Prompt # 6 - Modern Technology

Gratitude Prompt # 7 - A Job Well Done

Gratitude Prompt # 8 - What a Trip!

Gratitude Prompt # 9 - coming soon!



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